In ISFiT 2011 workshops, I choose climate and environment; water; women and children. I feel really excited because those materials related to me as an environmental health student.

Talking about the climate and the environment is interesting. Most people think climate change just made earth warm or ice melted. From Climate Change and Health class I found that climate change can disturb world citizen health like a boom by blow up millions of disease such as malaria and diarrhea. Climate change also significant influences our environment; it can make flood worse, bigger landslide and fresh water decrease.

Through Water Pollution lecture, I knew that there are millions of diseases that can be transmitted through water, it’s called waterborne disease. Surprisingly, waterborne disease continues to increase time to time which means fresh water is decrease. Through Water Pollution class, I also get knowledge to manage water, like make drink from waste water, make clean water access in the dry area such as desert, and served clean water in disasters area.

In Health of Mother and Children class, we discussed many thing that related to women and children, such how weak they were, how important their health, and way to improve their health. So, I knew that healthy and smart children can change the nation condition in the future.

Honestly, I don’t want just keep all my knowledge from the class in my notebook. I want to share it to all people in the world. I want to make it useful. Hopefully, by following ISFiT agendas like seminar, discussion, argument, telling stories, I will get beneficial moment that not just time to share my idea but also time for me to get a new variety of knowledge and science.