ISFiT 2011 picked up a theme that actual in the present that is the Global Health. Fortunately, global health strongly associated with my major study, Public Health. In Public Health, we learn how to prevent desease not to accure. I take Environmental Health as my concentration in Public Health. Now, I am in Term 5.

I really like discussions, working group and finding new experiences. That’s why I have been joining many organization and committee. There were a social, art, and science activity from junior high school until now. For this year, I am joining to MPM FKM and GALAKSI. Majelis Perwakilan Mahasiswa is a legislative and judicial agency whose main function as policy makers and as a supervisor student organisation in Faculty of Public Health. In MPM, I serve as chairman of the commission Advocacy, Communication and Information. GALAKSI chapter UI is a UI-level research institution. I serve as head of the Medical-Health Research division. GALAKSI newly established this year and I got involved in its formation.

I never ever joined international festival before but I believe by following ISFiT, I will get a lot of knowledge and experience that can be transmitted to people around me. Give the spirit and the mission from ISFiT to change not only my self or organization but also my nation which is my big aim. Hopefully, by join ISFiT I will get new research ideas that can later be useful to society in both Indonesia and around the World.