yahh, walau saya ga dapet travel grant, tapi tak ape lah saya sharing siki tulisan saya.

nih die, ^_^


Travel Grant

I am the first child of the couple’s elementary school teachers in remote areas at the easternmost Sumatera Island. An elementary school teacher in Indonesia is still relatively low-paying professions. Even for the cost of my education and livelihood during collage, I have to look for scholarships from various institutions. But family financial problems did not prevent me to continue pursuing my dreams, including go abroad to expand my network

If later I was accepted as participant but no financial assistance from the committee, I still want to try to get help with looking for sponsors. Sponsor addressed to the faculty as well as from companies that have a kindness. But to get this sponsorship, I need help from the committee.

I really hope I’ll keep on participate in ISFIT, eventhough i don’t get travel grant from the commitee, cause I always remember the aphorism that says “all roads lead to Rome, as long as there is intention there is a way”. And I said, I have great intentions to come together with youth from around the world in ISFiT 2011. So I am ready to find a way to ISFiT 2011