Dear Eliza,

I am sorry but we cannot accept application without  degree. It is consortium requirement that application have to be complete. We made a exeption for language test results, but degree is important and proof of it have to be attached till deadline.

Best Regards,

Michal Witkowski


Jadi, tunggu tahun depan ya Eliza… tetap SEMANGAAAAAAAAAT!!!
setidaknya saya sudah berani kirim email ke konsorsium, hehehe ;P

dear EuroPubHealth Administrative Coordinator,

I’m Eliza from University of Indonesia. I’m studying Public Health in 7th term. Now I’m finishing my thesis and will get my bachelor degree in February 2012 (according to my university academic schedule)

I want to ask a question, Is there possible for my to apply “category A scholarship” remembering that I am yet get my bachelor certificate in 10th December (application deadline) but I’ll get it in 18 February 2012?

I am very interested in this program and want to join here to get my master degree

thank you so much for helping me